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Do you enjoy wearing pantyhose? pantyhose feel so silky and smooth don't they, just thinking about slipping on a pair can give you an erection. Many couples wear pantyhose together, and more men wear pantyhose than you think.

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Do you find pantyhose relaxing, do you find a certain comforting feeling when you slip on pantyhose. At the end of a stressful day or stressful week do you look forward to coming home and picking out some pantyhose and slipping them and feeling that relief. Many guys who wear pantyhose find wearing pantyhose have an amazing stress relieving quality, wearing pantyhose gets rid of headaches, back pain, sore muscles, helps colds, so why aren't more doctors prescribing men wearing pantyhose. For most men wearing pantyhose going without wearing pantyhose causes the reverse effect, they get headaches, backaches, sore muscles and get very stressed out. Guess thats why so many men wearing pantyhose wear pantyhose 24 7. I am sure you can relate to the stress relieving qualities that wearing pantyhose has. How can one piece of clothing be so amazing and provide such enjoyment. Its easy to see why men wear pantyhose.

Do you get turned on just by hearing the word pantyhose or hose? Do you anticipate the next time you will be able to wear pantyhose, to pick up a pair of pantyhose holding that sheer, spandex, nylon, shiny material in your hands, feeling how good the pantyhose feel in your hands and imagining how good those pantyhose will feel as you slide them up your legs and they cling to your legs and against your cock or ass for the first time. Seeing how your cock stiffens and how your precum leaves wet spots on the pantyhose as you get more and more excited. There is just something about pantyhose that gets us guys so excited, is it that they cling close to a womans pussy, legs and ass, being so close to her juices and scents, and how amazing a woman looks in pantyhose, so we wear pantyhose to imagine the woman who wore them before we did. Or perhaps us men that wear pantyhose enjoy the look of pantyhose on men so we wear simply because we enjoy how they look on us and other guys wearing pantyhose. Or maybe us guys that wear pantyhose enjoy how pantyhose feel against our cock, legs and ass, how that silky soft material feels and how it excites us. Some guys wear pantyhose for the sexual thrill, and some guys wear pantyhose for comfort or to say warm. There are many reasons men wear pantyhose, and they are different for all guys who wear pantyhose. Mention the word pantyhose to any guy and you will see his eyes open wider, the word pantyhose is such a powerful stimulate, and seeing a pair of pantyhose, not to many guys can resist not taking a closer look.

Pantyhose wearing men is a site for all men wearing pantyhose, crossdressers, those who crossdress or who enjoy crossdressing. Its really surprising just how many guys wear pantyhose or have tried on pantyhose, for most men wearing pantyhose they started with being curious about there moms pantyhose, sisters pantyhose, aunts pantyhose, neighbors pantyhose, or friends moms pantyhose, girlfriends pantyhose, wives pantyhose or someone else close to themselves pantyhose. Most men who wear pantyhose also became curious by browsing through the ads in the sunday newspaper or the jcpenny catalog, getting excited seeing all the pictures of woman in pantyhose, bras, lingerie, and panties. Do you remember the first time you wore pantyhose, or whose pantyhose where the first pantyhose you ever wore or what kind of pantyhose they were. For most men wearing pantyhose they can remember the first pantyhose they ever wore just like was yesterday. And for most males wearing pantyhose that excitement of wearing pantyhose has never diminished, each and every time they get to wear pantyhose its like the first time, especially if its a new pair of pantyhose. Its amazing how exciting it is to try on a new pair of pantyhose, to see how they fit and feel. And how exciting it is to shop for pantyhose, or to wait for that package in the mail with the new pantyhose you ordered. Its amazing how womans pantyhose make us guys in pantyhose feel.

Why do men wear pantyhose?
I do feel well in pantyhose and stockings. I think everyone who has tried some good fitting pantyhose will agree that it is a nice and comfortable feeling. The winter in the northern hemisphere may be a good time to start. In case you have to explain it to your wife or gf. Pantyhose give me such a sensual feeling and helps a lot to improve my whole posture and make my clothes fit better. Men can wear pantyhose or stockings. Nothing wrong with it. Maybe it takes some time to get acceptance from your partner. But it´s worth trying.

You will be amazed at the number of men wearing pantyhose from around the world, they come here to meet other men wearing pantyhose, see pictures of men wearing pantyhose, watch movies of guys wearing pantyhose, read stories about men wearing pantyhose and how they got started wearing pantyhose, or about there encounters with other guys in pantyhose. It will really amaze you just how many men wear pantyhose and they come from all walks of life. Finally a place where men wearing pantyhose can post pictures and movies without them being removed like on most social networking sites which don't allow those type of pictures. You will be amazed at how many other men wearing pantyhose have posted pictures, movies, and stories.

Pantyhose wearing men is for all guys wearing pantyhose, crossdressers, men who crossdress, or are into crossdressing, straight, bisexual, bi curious, gay, transgendered, wear pantyhose full time, or wear pantyhose only part time or occasionally, if you are a guy wearing pantyhose this is the community for you to be apart of. We even have several couples wearing pantyhose who visit our site, yes there are many couples wearing pantyhose out there and more and more men are telling there wives they like wearing pantyhose or telling there girlfriends they enjoy wearing pantyhose. Our panty wearing community is filled with lots of advice from other men who have told there wife they wear pantyhose or told there girlfriend they wear pantyhose, and you will be surprised at the number of successful stories from guys wearing pantyhose who have told wife they wear pantyhose or told girlfriend they wear pantyhose. If you have never rolled around on a bed while you and your wife or girlfriend are both wearing pantyhose, you have to try it, its amazing the slippery feeling of pantyhose on pantyhose, or having pantyhose sex, or getting a pantyhose blowjob through pantyhose. Having a woman in pantyhose ride your cock while you are also wearing pantyhose and feeling the material rubbing against each other soaking up both of your sexual juices. If you have never had pantyhose sex you have to give it a try it will take your pantyhose wearing to a new level. Many woman enjoy giving a pantyhose blow job, pantyhose hand job, pantyhose foot job, sucking a cock through pantyhose and watching as you cum through pantyhose. As you will see on this site, many woman have a pantyhose fetish and enjoy seeing a guys wearing pantyhose, they enjoy how the pantyhose clings to a tight pantyhose covered ass, or how the pantyhose bulge out with a nice pantyhose covered cock, many woman enjoy seeing a nice hard pantyhose cock.

Why do males wear pantyhose?
I am just an ordinary heterosexual guy at the ripe age of 50 now. I started wearing pantyhose and stockings from about the age of 14 on and off. As I grew older, around 18 or 19 I have been wearing pantyhose every day under my extremely boring male clothes. Why do I wear pantyhose? because firstly they feel wonderful on me, secondly they make my legs look great, thirdly they bring out the feminine side in me that is softer, nicer and generally more in tune with people and everyone around me. All men have their feminine side, and it is good to be in touch with it at all times, it makes us more complete as a whole.

Men Wearing Sheer Pantyhose
Many men enjoy a simple pair of sheer pantyhose. This may surprise women, who quite often only wear pantyhose because of uniform requirements, or if it is a particularly cold day and all their other stockings have runs in them. However many men who like to wear pantyhose, sheer pantyhose are a symbol of femininity, possibly because men have long observed this type of pantyhose being worn by all kinds of women ranging from secretaries to teachers, to runway models. When choosing sheer pantyhose, it helps to understand the ratings system which is in place with respect to the sheerness of stockings. The term 'denier' refers to the sheerness quotient of the stocking or pantyhose. Higher numbers reflect thicker, more opaque pantyhose, whereas lower numbers reflect more sheer pantyhose. Sheer pantyhose usually range from around 15 to 20 denier, though the category of 'sheer' traditionally runs all the way up to around 40 denier. One shouldn't be too swayed by denier ratings however, as the material which the stockings are made from determines the sheerness as much as the denier rating, some modern materials are woven 50 to 70 denier but still achieve a sheer effect, thus effectively making the entire system obsolete and useless. At the other end of the spectrum, ultra sheer pantyhose can go as low as 6 denier, and are so light and sheer that it may be almost impossible to tell that the wearer has any pantyhose on at all. This makes ultra sheer pantyhose a good choice for men who want to experience the feel of pantyhose under their clothes during the work day, but don't want the risk of being discovered. In terms of materials, Lycra is a common material used in the production of sheer pantyhose, though nylon, spandex, and elastane are all common materials used in the making of sheer hosiery. Be aware too that some sheer pantyhose is designed to have a sheen to it. This may be desirable if you are looking to sparkle in a pretty fashion show, but less desirable if you chose a pair of sheer pantyhose as a means of hiding that you are wearing pantyhose. Some sheer pantyhose may be so sheer that it is hard to see that the wearer is, in fact wearing any hosiery.

Men wearing pantyhose, when did you start wearing pantyhose?
I have been wearing pantyhose since i was about 10 and still wear them to work under my jeans. My wife is very reluctant to wear them and accepts that I enjoy wearing pantyhose. I wish she would wear them so we could press each others pantyhose covered bodies together, I see so many of the couples wearing pantyhose here and the fun they have wearing pantyhose together and I wish my wife would wear them so we could also be a couple in pantyhose having pantyhose sex.

Some men wear pantyhose only for sexual stimulation and other guys in pantyhose wear pantyhose for comfort. Some men wearing pantyhose wear pantyhose to keep warm in the cold weather, and some men wear pantyhose for medical reasons. For some it can be a combination, but as any man who wears pantyhose knows slipping on a pair of pantyhose certainly gets one excited and creates a rise or a bulge in your pantyhose. Some guys wearing pantyhose enjoy wearing pantyhose during sex or having pantyhose sex, some men wearing pantyhose enjoy wearing pantyhose with other guys in pantyhose. Some men in pantyhose enjoy wearing dirty pantyhose, used pantyhose, or worn pantyhose and enjoy sniffing pantyhose, smelling pantyhose and licking pantyhose. Pantyhose are great for locking in those sexual pussy scents, ass scents and feet scents that a woman who wears pantyhose all day leaks into those pantyhose. Lots of men enjoy finding worn pantyhose, dirty pantyhose or used pantyhose and sniffing pantyhose, smelling pantyhose and masturbating with pantyhose imaging how close those pantyhose were clinging to a pussy, ass and feet of a female. Many men enjoy wearing worn pantyhose, dirty pantyhose or used pantyhose and imagining and thinking about that there cock is sitting right where a womans pussy rested. Pantyhose are very sexual, either on a woman, on a man, in the drawer or just laying on the floor, they are a very sexual piece of clothing. When a woman wears pantyhose watch as a guys head turns and looks down to take in the beauty of pantyhose covered legs.

Can guys wear pantyhose?
Men used to wear hosiery back in the Victorian days but over time it fell out of fashion. If you enjoy wearing pantyhose then go ahead and wear pantyhose. Some people may act surprised and some may laugh but that is just because people tend to laugh at things that they are uncomfortable with and don't know much about. Women definitely have more fashion freedom today then men do but hey, maybe you will be a trendsetter!

Men wearing pantyhose, chosing the right size
The most important element of choosing a pair of pantyhose that fit properly is getting the right length. Pantyhose generally have a reasonable amount of widthwise stretch, but if they are too short, then they end up pulling extra sheer over the knees and the gusset often ends up hanging lose around the thighs, making for a rather unpleasant sensation throughout the day. Most pantyhose have a chart on the back of the packet which outlines height and weight recommendations. These work for men as well as women, and are the best guide you can get, as they are brand and model specific. Though it is understandable for a man to be concerned about being 'spotted' buying pantyhose, the reality of the situation is that 99% of people who see you will assume you are purchasing them for a wife or girlfriend and the other 1% are probably lurking with the intent to do exactly what you're doing!

Why do guys wear pantyhose?
Wearing pantyhose is much better than a pair of socks. Under my male clothing no one knows that I am wearing pantyhose. With the sheer style it looks like I am in bare feet and with the opaque and textured style they look like socks. The softness of the nylon encasing the legs and feet is a real turn on for me and my girlfriend. Guys should wear women's panties under the pantyhose for greater comfort and excitement.

What is Pantyhose?
Pantyhose which is also known as tights are sheer close fitting coverings of the body from the waist to the feet, most often worn by women. Similar to stockings they are usually made of nylon. The one-piece pantyhose garment appeared in the 1960s and offered a suitable alternative to stockings. The term 'pantyhose' was created for the first time in the United States, referring to the arrangement of 'panties' an American term for women's underpants with sheer nylon hosiery. In the United Kingdom, they are called tights, a term that refers to all such garments not considering the denier. In the U.S., the term tights is used for non-sheer garments comparable to pantyhose, such as those worn by girls, dancers and athletes. Pantyhose are worn for numerous reasons. Sheer pantyhose that match the skin color of the legs can add to the appearance of legs, making them look smoother. Darker pantyhose can improve the legs by outlining the shape and by making the legs seem slimmer. Brown colored pantyhose provide the impression of tanned legs; an 'instant tan'. Pantyhose also has a practical use, as it can give warmth in colder weather and let one appear "bare-legged" even in the winter. Pantyhose that are knitted with lycra augments blood circulation by applying constant pressure on the legs all through the day. Pantyhose are at present a standard sight in offices worldwide, where they have been established as part of a professional dress code for women. Even if a barelegged tendency is now popular among younger women, hosiery is still common in offices and places where formal dress is compulsory. Schools with uniforms often require some sort of hosiery as a part of the uniform usually pantyhose or tights. Most pantyhose are made of nylon and a small amount of spandex, which gives the elasticity and form fitting that is characteristic of modern pantyhose. Sorry to say, the nylon fabric is rather prone to tearing and it is frequent for very sheer hose to 'run' soon after snagging on something bumpy or jagged.
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So what type of pantyhose do you enjoy wearing. Do you prefer sheer to waist pantyhose, ultra sheer pantyhose, suspender pantyhose, control top pantyhose, fishnet pantyhose, open toe pantyhose, crotchless pantyhose, reinforced pantyhose, reinforced toe pantyhose, ribbed pantyhose, sandal foot pantyhose, sandalfoot pantyhose, sheer to the waist pantyhose, thong back pantyhose, built in panties pantyhose, girdle top pantyhose, light support pantyhose, nude heel pantyhose, shimmer pantyhose, glimmer pantyhose, shiny pantyhose, spandex sheer pantyhose, shaper pantyhose. Do you have a favorite color of pantyhose, tan pantyhose, black pantyhose, nude pantyhose, suntan pantyhose, or do you like bright colored pantyhose, red pantyhose, purple pantyhose, green pantyhose. Which brands of pantyhose do you like, hanes pantyhose, leggs pantyhose, jockey for her pantyhose, wolford pantyhose, CK pantyhose. As you can see there are many different pantyhose styles, pantyhose colors and pantyhose brands, and each one can feel different and be exciting to wear.

Why do guys wear pantyhose?
I wear pantyhose under my clothes during the winter months. Normally I wear the thicker footed nylon tights and occasionally thinner pantyhose. These are the compression pantyhose which helps when my legs are tired. I buy my own and my wife is ok with it. I tried long johns but i think they too bulky. Pantyhose are very comfortable.

Men wearing pantyhose
I think the number of men wearing pantyhose is increasing. The problem is that many men still hide their wearing pantyhose. If one would see a man wearing a pantyhose more often, many would join to wear in public. So far a lot of men fear that it is not socially accepted. I think pantyhose are unisex clothes and can be worn by men and women.

Why men wearing pantyhose?
I personally love the feel of pantyhose on freshly shaved legs, its simply the best feeling when you wear them under long pants and walk for miles what with the support they give your legs. Maybe one day we will have equality of the sexes as far as our clothes are concerned anyway.

Why should woman be the only ones to wear pantyhose, woman have been wearing mens clothing for years now its our turn, who says pantyhose can only be worn by a woman. Do you think you look sexier in pantyhose than many woman, looking at most of the pictures submitted I would have to say that alot of men in pantyhose look better than many woman in pantyhose. Do you wonder if the pantyhose you are wearing are sexier than the woman at work or in line at the checkout. Its about time us men got to wear sexy things also.

Guys Wearing Pantyhose, why you enjoy wearing pantyhose.
I am addicted to pantyhose. I wear pantyhose just about everyday. My addiction started when I was younger. I went exploring in a pile of laundry that was waiting to be washed and i grabbed a pair of pantyhose and began rubbing my face. Ever since then, I've been a pantyhose addict.

Men in pantyhose, why men wear pantyhose?
I love the look and feel of pantyhose on men for sure. I watched as pantyhose became the norm as they evolved from the women that were wearing nylon stockings, I loved the look of both and with the mini skirt that became so popular in the sixtie's pantyhose became the hosiery of choice and as years progressed so did the demand for larger and longer styles and being a man that wears pantyhose the size change was to our advantage of having a size that would fit and feel great on us too. My wife does wear but I must admit I'm the one that has to have them on from dawn to after dark.

Covered In Pantyhose From Head To Toe
Ever looked down at your pantyhose clad legs and wished that you could be encased in the sensation of pantyhose? Not just covered from top to toe in some kind of bodystocking, but actually encapsulated entirely by the soft, smooth sensation of nylon? It is described as clothing which covers the entire body, a seamless garment which cocoons the flesh.

Guys in pantyhose, why do men wear pantyhose?
I am pretty much a pantyhose addict. I think about pantyhose every hour of the day. It is the best feeling to look, feel and rub my legs and feet in pantyhose. I could not date a women who didn't accept that I wear pantyhose. I want to be happy and wearing pantyhose makes me happy. My goal in life is to find a woman who really enjoys wearing pantyhose and also does not mind that I enjoy wearing pantyhose and we can enjoy wearing them together. We could be a pantyhose wearing couple. I know there are some couples wearing pantyhose on this site and I hope to one day also bring my girlfriend here so we can show how much fun we have in pantyhose.

There are men in pantyhose from all over the world that visit our site and post pantyhose pictures, pantyhose movies, pantyhose stories, and add to the many other interactive areas our site has. Surveys show that there in an increasing number of men who wear pantyhose, and surveys also show that most woman accept and are even turned on by seeing men in pantyhose. And here you were thinking that you were the only guy wearing pantyhose, more and more men wear pantyhose, and thanks to this site its becoming more and more part of the norm for men wearing pantyhose. So you don't have to feel alone that you are a guy wearing pantyhose anymore, come on in and check out all the pictures, movies, stories and more and meet other men in pantyhose.

Males wearing pantyhose, how long have you been wearing pantyhose?
I have been wearing pantyhose since i was like 9. I tried on a pair of my sisters shiny pantyhose and was hooked on em, loved how they felt and looked. I wear multiple pairs of pantyhose often under my jeans to work, and jog at the park in shorts and pantyhose if its cold out, some people stare mostly girls who giggle when they see me and some girls do not seem like its a big deal.

We have several couples who visit our site and it gives those of us who have not told our wife we wear pantyhose or our girlfriend we wear pantyhose, it gives us hope and encouragement that someday we will be able to share our secret with our wife or girlfriend and be accepted by them. We have received many thank you messages from other men wearing pantyhose that have wanted to tell there wife or girlfriend but have been afraid to but with the suggestions posted by others who have successfully told there wife or girlfriend they to have become successful in telling there wife or girlfriend that they enjoy wearing pantyhose. Being able to wear pantyhose with a wife or girlfriend is an incredible feeling, having pantyhose sex, rubbing pantyhose against pantyhose, pantyhose handjobs, pantyhose blowjobs, feeling your wife or girlfriend rub your cock through pantyhose is so wonderful, watching as you cum through the pantyhose and soak the cum on pantyhose. Seeing how turned on your wife or girlfriend gets seeing you in pantyhose, and seeing your wifes wet spot in pantyhose or your girlfriends wet spot in pantyhose and licking your wifes pussy through pantyhose as she sucks your cock through pantyhose, or licking your girlfriends pussy through pantyhose as she sucks your cock through pantyhose, thats right sixty nine in pantyhose, what an awesome thing. Yes many couples enjoy wearing pantyhose, you will be surprised at how many woman accept that there man wears pantyhose and are turned on by seeing guys in pantyhose.

Can men wear pantyhose?
Of course a man can wear pantyhose and many, and more and more men are wearing pantyhose. This is a great development and very good trend. Women have all the fashion freedom and can wear whatever they want and fancy, but there isn?t one single reason why men shouldn?t have the same and why only women can wear all the nice and fun things. If you like pantyhose and wish to wear them, and who in their right mind wouldn?t, then wear them. There is nothing wrong with it. There are of course those who frown upon it and have a lot to say about it, but they are the narrow minded, prejudiced and ignorant ones, usually stuck in silly unreasonable conventions. Their opinions really should not bother you.

Many of us enjoy taking pictures of ourselves in pantyhose, admiring just how sexy we look in pantyhose, it definitely increases our sexual excitement looking in the mirror and seeing how good we look pantyhose, or taking some pictures of ourselves wearing pantyhose and viewing them later to excite us once again. A lot of us also enjoy creating movies of us wearing pantyhose in our favorite pantyhose teasing the video camera, and bringing ourselves to a climax while we video tape it. Watching as our cum shoots out, and soaks the pantyhose and runs down our silky covered legs. Now you have a place to post those pictures of you wearing pantyhose, and those movies of you teasing and climaxing for other guys who wear pantyhose to get excited by. Also many pantyhose wearing couples enjoy turning others on by taking pictures of both in pantyhose and having pantyhose sex, rubbing hard cock through pantyhose, sixty nine in pantyhose, pantyhose blowjob, pantyhose footjob, pantyhose handjob. Many couples also like filming and showing others, its such a turn on for many couples to be watched as they have pantyhose sex, rubbing hard cock through pantyhose, sixty nine in pantyhose, pantyhose blowjob, pantyhose footjob, pantyhose handjob. Watch pantyhose movies of pantyhose couples who enjoy wearing pantyhose together and enjoy showing off for others to enjoy. Wearing pantyhose with a woman feels so good and cumming while watching a pantyhose couple also feels good.

Guys wearing pantyhose, why men wear pantyhose?
I'm a guy who likes to wear pantyhose, but no one knows it. For instance, when I'm at my girlfriends house, I'll sneak 1 or 2 pairs of pantyhose into my girlfriends bathroom and put them on. I just like the way they feel and how comfortable they are.

Why do men wear pantyhose?
I wear pantyhose almost 24/7. There are many benefits to wearing them. They can help relieve leg cramps, help with circulation, keep the legs warm, and for us guys, help eliminate that dreaded disease, jock-itch. Plus they also feel nice.

Men should have the right to wear what they want. I wear pantyhose most of the time. They even show below my pant leg and above my shoes. Pantyhose feel good on my legs and keep them from being tired after a long day on my feet. Show your freedom from the fashion patrol and wear pantyhose

What woman think about men wearing pantyhose
Different women will think different things. My last boyfriend loved wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie and I didn't mind a bit. In fact, I found that I enjoyed playing dress up with him, in which we'd both crossdress in each other's clothes for fun and photos. Just do what you like to do. It's not harming anyone, and it will help weed out the women who can't love you for who you are and leave only the women who'll find your pantyhose charming.

What does your wife think about you wearing pantyhose?
I wear pantyhose every day. My wife does not mind at all, and gave me her pantyhose when I told her I wore pantyhose. She's the only woman whose opinion matters to me.

Thats what is so great about a community like pantyhose wearing men, there is such a variety of people you will meet and see here. From sexy crossdressers wearing pantyhose, lingerie and panties who dress full time in which you will have to do a double take to tell whether they are men or woman (most look sexier than most woman in my mind) to guys who only wear pantyhose and lingerie part time but still can get you turned on, to guys who just wear pantyhose and are more manly, there are all types of guys here, but they all have one thing in common they like to wear pantyhose, lingerie or panties. There is such a wide variety of guys wearing pantyhose who post pictures, movies and stories here. All types of pictures and movies including crossdressing pictures, crossdresser pictures, crossdress pictures, men wearing pantyhose pictures, guys wearing pantyhose pictures, males wearing pantyhose pictures, guys in pantyhose pictures, crossdressing movies, crossdresser movies, crossdress movies, men wearing pantyhose movies, guys wearing pantyhose movies, guys in pantyhose movies, men in pantyhose movies, couples wearing pantyhose pictures, couples wearing pantyhose movies, couples in pantyhose pictures, couples in pantyhose movies. Yes thats right there are many couples wearing pantyhose that post here, many of them looking for another pantyhose guy to get together with. I think you get the point, and you will be amazed at the number of pictures and movies that have been posted here.

Business Men Wearing Pantyhose
Men can get away with wearing pantyhose under business attire, as they leave no tell tale lines, and if one is somehow discovered, one can always claim that they are support hose for varicose veins. It's a lie with only a tenuous connection to reality, then again who really has the right to question what one wears underneath their clothes. Is it not enough that men and women dully drag on business attire five days out of seven? Must we also now defend our underwear choices as well? I think not!

Many men are attracted to women's pantyhose, an item of women's lingerie not typically known by women for its glamor, but men find woman wearing pantyhose to be very glamorous. So then, it is little wonder that many men have stories of sneaking into their mother's drawers when young and making off with pantyhose to try them on, enjoying the sheer sheathing of the fabric around their legs, and also the feeling that they are breaking one of the many senseless taboos which society imposes on our once open minds.

Why guys wear pantyhose? I am a guy who enjoys wearing pantyhose. I enjoy the looks and support it gives my legs. It also makes my legs look smooth. It also keeps my legs warm in the cold air-conditioning of the office.

Pantyhose wearing men is a discreet place for guys wearing pantyhose. You can rest assure that when you visit pantyhose wearing men that any information you exchange will remain private and never given out. Whether you just want to browse all the men wearing pantyhose pictures, guys in pantyhose movies, read the stories from males in pantyhose and read through all the questions and answers from men that wear pantyhose or whether you want to interact with other guys in pantyhose, meet men wearing pantyhose in person, meet couples wearing pantyhose, and ask questions to other men in pantyhose, or respond to questions from other men in pantyhose. Or create your own galleries and post pictures of yourself in pantyhose, movies and add stories about wearing pantyhose. Pantyhose wearing men is a great place to visit again and again. You will really be amazed at the number of men wearing pantyhose and couples wearing pantyhose that visit each day and post pictures, movies, stories and personal ads. Come be apart of the ever growing pantyhose wearing community at pantyhose wearing men.

If you wear pantyhose, you will enjoy pantyhose wearing men, so slip on some pantyhose and come on in and take your pantyhose wearing to new levels as you see just how many other guys wear pantyhose and couples wear pantyhose as you chat with and meet other guys pantyhose panties and couples in pantyhose.

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